Sending your companions from missions

They're honestly more satisfied in looking after an hour or so of play at what you’ve gathered, then completing some missing crafting materials at and sending your companions off and away to craft overnight while you’re safely logged off.

Alternatively, in order to be sending your companions from missions to acquire specialty crafting materials when you play, make sure you give yourself a collection budget then tend not to exceed it. Once you get out of bed into missions costing 1500c+, times four to five companions, you can actually blow using your savings discover disciplined about your budget.

Given the amalgamation of these characters the two main main directions you need to take: Armormech or Cybertech. Although it requires some capital output, for top level Cybertech results you must buy the Engineering Droid Sensor on your Ship Droid and have the only +5 Cybertech Critical amongst players. This combination yields increased Critical chance on both your output plus your rare materials. It's also probably the most marketable skill amongst players right now.

Biochem can also be a viable option using this class, in the bonuses to Diplomacy, Biochem, and Bioanalysis included in the combination.

Stay from the Force focused skills, like Artifice or Synthweaving. Your agent can't rely on them, where there are others who utilize them better.

You may use up to three crew skill slots at the same time, including a maximum of three gathering skills, three mission skills, then one crafting skill while doing so. The three crew skills aren't bound forever. You can unlearn them, if you wish, and learn another thing. However, if you day you'd think of returning to the unlearned skill, you must level this from scratch. Unlearning a particular skill causes you to lose any rare schematics and recipes, so think.

Crew skills aren't class-bound eso gold. It means, that any class will use any crew skill. Also, there won't be any species bonus to crew skills similar to WoW or ESO, so think before you buy.